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” हिताहितं सुखं दुखं आयुस्तस्य हिताहितं |

मानं च तच्च यत्रोक्त आयुर्वेद स उच्यते || “

Aarogyam Ayurvedic Clinic offers QUALITY Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma with well integrated Modern Modalities


Ayurveda is a way of life. So it has always advised preventive ways i.e. ways to keep health and not fall sick.

Panchakarma is a very important PREVENTIVE HEALTH TOOL gifted by Ayurveda to mankind.

Panchakarma detoxifies, relaxes and balances mind and body. It restores body’s natural healing ability and boosts immunity.

It not only detoxifies and strengthens the body but also increases immunity.

Plus one important benefit is it helps keep us away from LIFESTYLE diseases.

Autoimmune diseases , hereditary diseases and few of cancers are triggered because of lifestyle and some aggrevating factors ….but if body is kept healthy and clean then the chances of triggering diseases because of any irritating aggrevating factor is lessened to minimum.

So let us take advantage of this age old wisdom of our hrishis…..PANCHAKARMA.


Universe and body is made of five basic elements – Earth (Prithvi), Water (aap), Fire (tej), Air (vaayu) and Space (aakash). Paanchabahutic Ayurveda studies individual and disease at these basic molecular / micro level. Hence our diagnosis is more accurate, treatment is more precise and prognosis is much superior.

How it differs –

Fundamental Concepts

The body and mind are made of five basic constituents namely earth, water, fire, air and space called as “Panchmahabhutas” and basic genetic makeup of an individual is made up of the particular composition of these Panchmahabhutas. The composition of Panchmahabhutas differs from individual to individual.

Disease & Disorders

Any disturbance in the proportion of these basic genetic material i.e. Panchmahabhutas at a particular time results in diseases and disorders

Our Diagnosis Methods –

Based on in depth studies over decades the Panchbautic way of therapy has developed its own diagnostics methods and tools.

How these diagnostic methods differ from modern medicine methods –

After studying genetic makeup of Panchmahabhutas in an individual, the Paanchabhautic Ayurveda places its focus on identifying and capturing the early changes/ disturbances in the basic Panchmahabhutas. These diagnostic methods captures the disturbances at the micro levels and well before it is expressed as changes in biomarkers (Blood pressure, Blood levels of glucose, triglycerides, vitamins, hormones etc.). This helps in correcting the disturbances of Panchmahabhutas well before it changes in the biomarkers which develops into disease or disorder. The modern medicine therapy however uses changes in composition of biomarkers as the diagnostic tool.

How Paanchabhautic Ayurveda differs – 

The human body and mind is made up of Panchmahabhutas and all living and non-living organisms are also made of Panchmahabhutas. The Paanchabhautic Ayurveda selects and picks up a particular constituent from the nature around and

1.  provide it to the body which is depleted of it and thus corrects the imbalance of Panchmahabhutas.

2. provide it to the body to lower down its excess concentration and thus corrects the imbalance of Panchmahabhutas.

Our Special Diagnostic Tools –

  • Naad Pariksha
  • Pressure Point examination
  • Kshaar and amla pariksha