How to keep IMMUNITY high in rainyseason (Blog – 08)

As discussed earlier in our last blog ” HOW TO KEEP IMMUNITY HIGH” , Immunity is lifestyle change according to change in season…..which our hrishi’s named as “HRITUCHARYA” (Change in diet and routine according to season) ” As in nature so in our body” In rainy season, WETNESS, SOURNESS, VAAT (AIR) ,COLDNESS increases in environmentContinue reading “How to keep IMMUNITY high in rainyseason (Blog – 08)”


For that we should have some knowledge (not information) about basic principles of Ayurveda so that we could make correct choices. Present era is of information and marketing , so much of information is present on net that we can’t differentiate what is correct and what is wrong especially about AYURVEDA and herbal. Universe isContinue reading “HOW TO KEEP IMMUNITY HIGH ? (Blog – 07)”

Prevention from cough , cold (Blog – 03)

Body is healthy if all four parts HEART, MIND, BRAIN AND BODY are taken care of. As each is related and interconnected to each other. Body works as a whole and not in parts. Stay healthy, stay blessed