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Supportive Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer patients

Usually diseases are disturbances in the normal physiological functions of the body. This disturbances may be caused by the various types of germs (bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoa’s etc) or may be because of disturbances in the normal concentrations or normal values of biomarkers like blood sugar, blood pressure etc.



  • How cancer is produced?

In cancer, the normal body cells abruptly start growing in an uncontrolled speed resulting in developing lumps and tumors of cell mass. These tumors of one particular cells then start delivering wrong signals of abnormal growth all over the body. and thus results in spread of growth of uncontrolled tumors all over the body. The whole process of cancer is thus because of “Wrong signaling of Growth “initiated by some still unknown mechanisms This leads to excessive and extra demand of space and energy for the growth of tumors. Tumors then start using maximum energy and space depriving the normal cell of energy and compressing the normal organs. This whole process throws the body in great turmoil and trauma and results in to death of normal cells, normal organs and ultimately death of organism.

  • How “Wrong Signals Cause cancer?

It is believed that there are genetic factors which under stressful conditions produce these “wrong signals”,that results in to uncontrolled growth of cancer cell. Presently, we all are faced with stressful life style, having irregular and wrong sleeping habits, wrong eating habits, at wrong times, wrong food (Contaminated with pesticides & hormones), etc. These all “Wrongs”, generate “wrong signals” for cell growth in the body and are responsible for precipitating growth of cancer cells. .


  • How Panchbhutic Ayurvedic Treatment modalities are used in cancer?  

 Consequently, the abnormal growth of body cells further results in the imbalance in energy forces of the body namely Pruthvi, Aap, Tej , Vaayu and Aakash. Hence the treatment too lies in removing these irritant stimulants and balancing the imbalance so that body stops sending wrong signals of multiplication to cells.

  • What are the Treatment modalities offered inPpanchbhautic Ayurvedic Treatments ?
  1. The cancer treatment in Ayurveda is based on following four modalities
  2. Capturing and removing / taking out cancer cells/toxins which are producing wrong signal/ toxins by Body Purification
  3. Reclaiming the imbalance by PANCHAKARMA
  4. Destressing mind and body by YOGA, MEDITATION.
  5. Increasing immunity and lessening the side effects of chemo-Radio therapy by AYURVEDIC MEDICINES

RASAAYAN is a holistic approach of Ayurveda towards fighting against cancer.

  • How our experts plan the treatment for cancer ?

Our experts –

  1. study
    Prakruti, & disease pattern of each patient
    •       Characteristics of causative irritant factors
  2. Use various Diagnostic tools like –
    Satva pariksha
    •       Naadi Pariksha
    •       Naad Pariksha

Based on the findings of study & Diagnosis

  1. Advice customized supportive medication treatment to reduce the side effects of chemo& radiotherapy used in cancer treatment
  2. Advice Lifestyle modifications – play an important role in maintenance of health for cancer patients so a personalized “Health Analysis and Lifestyle counseling” sessions are organized to the patient.
  3. Yoga and Meditation –  techniques are taught according to the disease and the strength of patient which help to reduce stress on body and mind and help also improve natural fighting power through improved immune- status
  • Does Panchbhautic Ayurvedic treatment modalities cure cancer?

 No. Our treatment modalities are basically designed to remove wrong signal producing cancer cells from the body. Thus arresting further spread of cancel cells, Improve body immune-status so that body can fight the cancer its natural way. And minimize toxic effects of chemo and radiotherapy used in cancer treatment

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