How to keep IMMUNITY high in rainyseason (Blog – 08)

As discussed earlier in our last blog ” HOW TO KEEP IMMUNITY HIGH” , Immunity is lifestyle change according to change in season…..which our hrishi’s named as “HRITUCHARYA” (Change in diet and routine according to season)

” As in nature so in our body”

In rainy season, WETNESS, SOURNESS, VAAT (AIR) ,COLDNESS increases in environment as well in our body. So we tend to fall sick with diseases that increase these qualities in body.

Nature-Body-Disease chart

So diet and routine opposite to above will keep mahabhutas in balalnce in our body and thus keep us healthy…in short it will keep our immunity high.

So the ideal routine would be –

  • Drink a glass of hot water in the morning.
  • After brushing teeth , massage gums, teeth and tongue with dry dantamanjan powder( dry powder of mixed herbs). This powder removes excess KAPHA from mouth and throat, strengthens gums, removed tartar, cleans coating of tongue, removes bad breath and thus keeps our mouth (the first door of digestion) healthy.
  • Drink hot tea, preferably without milk, add herbs like sunth, tulsi, a pinch of turmeric.
  • Vaat increases in this season, so apply and lightly massageoil to whole body ….prefer oil with warm qualities like til oil ( sesame oil).
  • According to ayurveda, LIGHT exercise should be done in rainy and summer season.
  • Applying oil before exercise is beneficial as it reduced VAAT as well helps avoid strains, aches, sprains following exercise.
  • Non – strenous exercise is preferred in this season. Do exercise which increases warmth in our body and increases digestive fire…like SURYA NAMASKAR , Pranayam (Especially, Kapal-bhati and Bhastriya Pranayam)
  • Take HOT WATER bath. Add a few NEEM leaves to bath water. Neem has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Fungal infections tend to happen more in rainy season so neem is good preventive measure for it.
  • Eat garlic chutney in diet. ( Garlic has very good anti- viral property…but shouldn’ t be eaten in raw form as might cause stomach ulcer…..make a chutney of garlic with coconut, salt, sugar and red chilly powder in it). In rainy season, viral infections like viral cold, cough, flu, fever are in boom. So this chutney acts as a protective umbrella against these rainy diseases.
  • Use alot spices ( garam masala i.e. pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardammon, cloves, bay leaf, cumin seeds etc) in diet …avoid green chillies.
  • Last but not the least, LIGHT DINNER is very very important in this season as digestive powder is less in this season .
  • Eat rosated food. Avoid fruits, Eat dryfruits.
  • Keep yourself Dry. Wear sleepers at home.
  • Avoid things which have qualities similar to the qualities which have increased in season .


To sum up, nature provides different things in different seasons to maintain health.Like in summer season heat increases alot so nature provide us with all watery, citrous, sweet, juicy fruits to maintain health. And the same nature doesn’t give any fruits in rainy season. So, we should maintain health by eating seasonal fruits and vegetables and following HRITUCHARYTA.

The RAINY SEASON hritucharya ( called as VARSHA HRITUCHARYA) can be coined in today’s terms as “IMMUNITY BOOSTERS OF RAINY SEASON”)



Stay healthy, Stay happy, Stay blessed.

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For that we should have some knowledge (not information) about basic principles of Ayurveda so that we could make correct choices.

Present era is of information and marketing , so much of information is present on net that we can’t differentiate what is correct and what is wrong especially about AYURVEDA and herbal.

Universe is made up of five basic elements called PANCH- MAHABHUTAS. Earth ( Pruthvi), Water ( Jal), Fire ( Tej) , Air ( Vaayu) and Space ( Aakash).

BALANCE in these Mahabhutas maintain Nature. But imbalance in these Mahabhutas lead to natural calamities like earthquake, cyclone etc. Nature tries to maintain this balance by making changes to restore balance in mahabhutas. For example- In summer season HEAT increases, when heat increases alot by the end of season, then nature pours down water and the season changes to rainy season and nature thus maintains its balance.

On same principles, our body is also made up of these basic five elements. Balance in these mahabhutas is HEALTH. And imbalance in these mahabhutas causes DISEASE. Our rishis studied what impact these changes in nature has on our body , and advised a set of SEASONAL changes in diet and routine called as HRITUCHARYA following which we could keep mahabhutas in our body in balance and enjoy Health.

NATURE changes itself to maintain balance in mahabhutas . So with change in nature, if we will follow the changes advised by our rishis i.e. HRITUCHARYA , then we too will be able to maintain balance in mahabhutas in our body and thus remain HEALTHY.

IMMUNITY is nothing but remaining HEALTHY. So this HRITUCHARYA can be coined in today’s term as immunity. Immunity can’t be just a tablet or kadha which will keep you healthy, it has to be a full diet and lifestyle guideline according to seasonal change.

AYURVEDA is a science and it brings immense joy and respect towards those enlightened rishis who have framed so much detailed health design for us. Its our ignorence that we don’t follow their advices and keep on running after shortcuts and inviting dozens of disease.

NATURE also helps us in all possible ways to maintain health. It provide us with those fruits and vegetables which will help maintain balance / health in that season. For example- in summer season, there is alot of heat in environment, water is lost through perspiration… nature provides us with all juicy , pulpy fruits in this season .In rainy season, appetite is less and there is alot water in nature so nature stops providing fruits. So health can’t be achieved by eating everything in all seasons ( as now a days , everything , is grown forcibly and made available in all seasons)…..but health is achieved by changing according to season and accepting what is provided by nature in that season.

Such are the wonders of NATURE and AYURVEDA , who are providing everything to keep us healthy. But we run after advertisements, shortcuts and some magic immunity pills.

So immunity is following HRITUCHARYA and eating seasonal food.

Now you know, immunity boosters can’t be same for all seasons. LIFE IS CHANGE. So if we too keep changing our lifestyle in tune with nature…… immunity will be high always.

I hope you could gather a wider perspective about looking at immnity from this article. And this knowledge will help you in making correct choices.

I will write down in detail about these HRITUCHARYAS told by ayurveda in my coming blogs soon.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay blessed


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All you patients out there have added one or all of above treasures to every doctor’s life.

I thank you all on occasion of this DOCTOR’S DAY for showing trust and faith in us.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay Blessed



Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another..

Our consciousness is a form of energy where some part of life energy turnes in to a matter called body..

But that’s hardly 1/8th visible part of our consciousness.. Rest four parts- heart, mind, intellect and spirit remain in energy form supporting body and forming a synchronization and Harmony within.

Our Day today chores and disturbances causes imbalances in synchronization of Harmony of life energy ..

The yoga postures have been so designed that .. when you are in those particular postures for a few minutes …. the energy is pulled back to it’s original space and synchronization and harmony of life energy is restored and thus HEALTH is maintained everyday.

Thus,Yoga helps one to understand how life energy dissipates and how it can be synchronized back and used beautifully to maintain HEALTH.

So my tag line is – ” Do Yoga and live with a flowering life energy always inside you..”

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Ayurveda states that our body clock is governed by sun’s nature clock.

As in universe so in body

External sun’s heat “agni” provides fire to our internal “agni” digestive power.

As the rainy season is mostly cloudy and sun’s heat is overtaken by rains….so our internal “agni” digestive power also becomes less.

So seasonal changes are necessary to maintain health.

As every Indian festival and ritual has science behind it with a main motto of maintaining health of people like- Ganesh chturthi comes before October heat …and ganesh eats only white modak, coconut and raisins…the offerings we give to god is for us to know what should be seasonal change in our diet according to season change .

On same principles, in rainy season fasting is advised, (Chaturmaas, Shravan) as digestive power has become less so fasting helps maintain health in this season.

Rainy season is considered as ” VAAT PRAKOP” season means VAAT increases in body as well in environment. Vata increases with its COLD and SOUR PROPERTY in body as well in environment. So to combact these vaat diseases of this season , we should


Oil with warm properties is best for decreasing VATA

The basic principle to maintain health in this season is –

“As digestive power is less…eat light , WARM food before sunset and avoid SOUR and COLD”

So the tips to remain healthy are-


  • Oil is best for decreasing VATA . so we get the internal urge to eat oily things in this season like pakoda, bhaji, papad. Body tries to keep balance by making such urges. But keep in mind the quantity.
  • AVOID SOUR, FERMENTED, HEAVY TO DIGEST FOOD AFTER SUNSET. (You must have observed that we usually fall sick at night after eating some above mentioned food after sunset)
  • Completely stop CURD.
  • Avoid fruits after sunset.
  • Drink boiled water and preferably warm while drinking.
  • Add ginger or sunth (dry ginger) to tea.
  • You can safely have one meal in this season i.e. lunch and skip dinner…..good season to lose weight guys…as appetite will be low and fasting won’t harm too.
  • Avoid large pulses like Green Mutter (peas), Black Vatana (Black peas), White Vatana (White peas), paavata etc.
  • Avoid cold food and beverages…as body has to work extra to convert it into normal temperature and then use it…..already digestive power is less in this season.
  • Wear dry, warm cloths to avoid fungal infection. If you feel itching is starting on some areas of body then apply dry neem +turmeric powder there.


  • Garlic is very good in rainy season as it has very good anti– viral property. So eat garlic chutney in diet.
  • If joints start paining with swelling and redness, apply dry sunth powder to joints and keep overnight.
  • If only joint pain is there they apply Mahanarayan oil to joint and do hot fomentation.
  • For babies and children, apply vekhand ( Sweet Flag)  powder to chest and head at night while sleeping if you feel they are about to have cough,cold.
  • If you are feeling a lot cold, chills then apply hot fomentation to backbone to get relief immediately.
  • If you are feeling like stomach is upset and loose motions will start then consume sunth tablets (mix sunth (dry ginger) and jaggery and make small tablets of it)
  • Tooth aches start in this season, so massage gums with VICCO DANTAMANJAN after brushing teeth.


Rainy season is considered as ” VAAT PRAKOP” season means VAAT increases in body as well in environment. So to combact these vaat diseases caused due to increase in coldness in envirnment, we should increase warmness in body.

The best way to do that is by SURYANAMASKAR. It helps to inprove blood circulation in body as well creat warmness. It is also a salutation to sun, a prayer so as to give us its strength and warmness.


As explained earlier as VATA increases in this season with its cold property so we should avoid things and lifestyle which increases VATA. Avoid exposure to direct cold air, wear warm cloths especially keep your chest warm. Cover your nose and ear so direct cold air doesnt enter our body. Oil is best for decreasing Vata. so MASSAGE with oils having warm properties is highly advisable. ( Til Oil, mustard Oil)

Stay Healthy and enjoy MONSOON.

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Prevention from cough , cold (Blog – 03)

  • Keep immunity high by eating fresh food.
  • Keep digestion good by avoiding fermented food, stale food , heavy to digest food, cold food and milk and milk products.
  • Drink warm water.
  • Do dhoop in house so that the air around you is kept clean.
  • Drink ginger, turmeric, lemon tea without milk to keep health.
  • Mix turmeric and jaggery and make tablets of it. Chew them like lozenges to keep throat clear and keep it healthy.
  • Gargle with warm water+ turmeric + salt at night.
  • Stop munching all the time as it hampers digestion. Eat four hourly to keep digestion and immunity up to mark.
  • Pranayam to keep health of respiratory system upto mark.
  • Do Yoga especially Suryanamaskar to keep body’s internal energy in balance.
  • Listen to positive music, shlok, mantra to keep positive vibes around you. It keeps you mentally healthy.
  • Cherish a hobby to keep your heart happy.

Body is healthy if all four parts HEART, MIND, BRAIN AND BODY are taken care of. As each is related and interconnected to each other. Body works as a whole and not in parts.

Stay healthy, stay blessed

The information we send while eating food…transforms food into health or ill-health (Blog – 02)

 Base of life is energy. Energy is converted to other form of energy with correct information. If we send wrong information with energy…it will be transformed wrongly. Same is everywhere.    

Food is not a dead thing…it also has life, energy and information. Digestion is a magic …it transforms the food energy into cells of our body….but if wrong information goes with this energy then it will perform wrongly.    

This is the reason behind all diseases now days. We eat food while watching t.v., talking, chatting, parting. We don’t pay any attention to what information is being sent while eating.    

Ayurveda gives highest importance to ‘ rules while eating’ As eating is considered as ‘yagya’ i.e. a ritual. So we used to say prayer before eating i.e. sending correct information while eating and paying attention to food.

‘Vadani kaval gheta naam ghya sri hari che.
Sahaj havan hote naam gheta tuka che
Jiwan kari jivitva anna he purn brahma
Udar bharan nohe jaanije yagna karma’.

Rules to follow while eating –

  • No talking
  • No watching tv , playing games etc
  • No standing 
  • Pray before food and send correct information.

    Nothing in the world can make you other than your food…no amount of money or material things. So utmost importance should be given to information you send while eating and follow all rules. You tell your food to make u healthy…. you send the correct information. Being healthy is in your hands. Just making healthy food is not all…you should eat it also in an healthy way with healthy thoughts. Food is god…not entertainment…pay respect

Chief guest at the “Brahma Kumaris’s 12 Jyotirling Darshan”

I feel honored that I was given this opportunity to be chief guest at the “Brahma Kumaris’s 12 Jyotirling Darshan”.

It’s a great way of spreading message of healthy body stays in mind mind.

Panchabhautic Ayurveda stresses the importance of balancing the five basic elements of universe to maintain health of body and mind… Brahma kumari’s too are on the path of balancing the mind… So was delighted to learn about Rajyog meditation and astonished to see their devotion to their work with so much compassion.

Thank you Brahma Kumari for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this event.

Staying healthy is very simple (Blog – 01)

  • Avoid milk and milk products( no animal drinks milk , still they are healthier than us and have better skeleton and lesser bone problems) 
  • Milk is not the only source of calcium.Nowdays milk is more toxic with hormones n steroids secreted in it as cows are injected with it.
  • Don’t take milk with food like  chai and milk. 
  • Don’t take milk with food like rice and milk.
  • Dont take milk with nonveg like milk n fish.
  • Don’t ever  warm curd esp while cooking some recepies.
  • Dont take milk with fruits like fruit salad or shikharan.
  • If u want to drink milk, then it should be consumed on empty stomach and only with dryfruits.
  • Avoid sour things esp curd after 5pm.
  • Avoid eating curd throughout rainy season.
  • Drink water only when thirsty(don’t over drink)it removes out minerals with it from body.
  • No watching tv or mobile while eating.Wrong information goes with food so wrong transformations are made in body.
  • Eat seasonal fruits.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Have breakfast like king, lunch like queen and dinner like begger.
  • Have light dinner and as early and nearer to sunset as possible.
  • Sleep 2 hrs after dinner.
  • No  any form of exercise like walking after dinner.
  • No oiling to any part of body or taking bath after eating food.
  • Keep mobile as away from body as possible.
  • Keep wifi and mobile data closed as much as possible it’s harmful for brain esp for kids. 
  • Stop eating maida products and products having preservatives as all r cancerous.
  • Spend some time of everyday in nature.
  • Once a week spend time cherishing ur hobby.
  • Meditate for some time before going to sleep as it is actual  relaxation to mind better than sleep.