The information we send while eating food…transforms food into health or ill-health (Blog – 02)

 Base of life is energy. Energy is converted to other form of energy with correct information. If we send wrong information with energy…it will be transformed wrongly. Same is everywhere.    

Food is not a dead thing…it also has life, energy and information. Digestion is a magic …it transforms the food energy into cells of our body….but if wrong information goes with this energy then it will perform wrongly.    

This is the reason behind all diseases now days. We eat food while watching t.v., talking, chatting, parting. We don’t pay any attention to what information is being sent while eating.    

Ayurveda gives highest importance to ‘ rules while eating’ As eating is considered as ‘yagya’ i.e. a ritual. So we used to say prayer before eating i.e. sending correct information while eating and paying attention to food.

‘Vadani kaval gheta naam ghya sri hari che.
Sahaj havan hote naam gheta tuka che
Jiwan kari jivitva anna he purn brahma
Udar bharan nohe jaanije yagna karma’.

Rules to follow while eating –

  • No talking
  • No watching tv , playing games etc
  • No standing 
  • Pray before food and send correct information.

    Nothing in the world can make you other than your food…no amount of money or material things. So utmost importance should be given to information you send while eating and follow all rules. You tell your food to make u healthy…. you send the correct information. Being healthy is in your hands. Just making healthy food is not all…you should eat it also in an healthy way with healthy thoughts. Food is god…not entertainment…pay respect

Chief guest at the “Brahma Kumaris’s 12 Jyotirling Darshan”

I feel honored that I was given this opportunity to be chief guest at the “Brahma Kumaris’s 12 Jyotirling Darshan”.

It’s a great way of spreading message of healthy body stays in mind mind.

Panchabhautic Ayurveda stresses the importance of balancing the five basic elements of universe to maintain health of body and mind… Brahma kumari’s too are on the path of balancing the mind… So was delighted to learn about Rajyog meditation and astonished to see their devotion to their work with so much compassion.

Thank you Brahma Kumari for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this event.

Staying healthy is very simple (Blog – 01)

  • Avoid milk and milk products( no animal drinks milk , still they are healthier than us and have better skeleton and lesser bone problems) 
  • Milk is not the only source of calcium.Nowdays milk is more toxic with hormones n steroids secreted in it as cows are injected with it.
  • Don’t take milk with food like  chai and milk. 
  • Don’t take milk with food like rice and milk.
  • Dont take milk with nonveg like milk n fish.
  • Don’t ever  warm curd esp while cooking some recepies.
  • Dont take milk with fruits like fruit salad or shikharan.
  • If u want to drink milk, then it should be consumed on empty stomach and only with dryfruits.
  • Avoid sour things esp curd after 5pm.
  • Avoid eating curd throughout rainy season.
  • Drink water only when thirsty(don’t over drink)it removes out minerals with it from body.
  • No watching tv or mobile while eating.Wrong information goes with food so wrong transformations are made in body.
  • Eat seasonal fruits.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Have breakfast like king, lunch like queen and dinner like begger.
  • Have light dinner and as early and nearer to sunset as possible.
  • Sleep 2 hrs after dinner.
  • No  any form of exercise like walking after dinner.
  • No oiling to any part of body or taking bath after eating food.
  • Keep mobile as away from body as possible.
  • Keep wifi and mobile data closed as much as possible it’s harmful for brain esp for kids. 
  • Stop eating maida products and products having preservatives as all r cancerous.
  • Spend some time of everyday in nature.
  • Once a week spend time cherishing ur hobby.
  • Meditate for some time before going to sleep as it is actual  relaxation to mind better than sleep.