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Paanchabhautik Ayurveda

Paanchabhautik Ayurveda is a unique branch of ayurveda which treats by balancing the equilibrium between the five basic elements of life “The Pancha- Mahabhutas”. The treatment is unique, accurate , affordable, individualized and medicines are fresh and easy to take.


We have individualized Panchakarma packages for various diseases and healthy people as well depending upon constitution “Prakriti “of each person . Panchakarma helps to detoxify and strengthen the body. In a clean body there dwells a healthy mind.

Rhythmic Yoga

Yoga should be done in rhythm with breath then it gives best benefits. In Rhthymic yoga we provide customized yoga regimes after studying Prakriti of person and according to the disease of each person.

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There is never been a better time to turn to nature. We make our own herbal preparations hence our services ,treatments and medicines are –

  • Precise and Effective
  • Ethical and Natural
  • Quick and Sustainable results
  • Personalized and little quantity of medicines
  • Easy to carry and consume medicines
  • Less Diet Restrictions

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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“Excellent Service”

Have been a regular to this place. Serene ambience, soothing music , gentle and friendly therapists make your experience of any ayurvedic treatment worthwhile. Dr Mansi is soft spoken and a patient listener. Good diagnosis and prompt results is the usp of this place……must visit.

Sarita Lath

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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“Quick and Best Results”

The doctor gives all the information about your ailment & what can be done to cure it or keep it in control & what restrictions if any need to be followed. The rates are reasonable, well behaved staff, positive environment. I would highly recommend it as l have got positive results.

Sujata Khamkar

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Just Dial Reviews


I’m really appreciating the quality .

Pooja Shetye

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Treasures of Ayurveda

Immunity means to remain HEALTHY .

In Ayurveda, to remain HEALTHY in all season, Specific diet and routine changes according to season is advised. These changes are named as HRITUCHARYA.

Our Panchakarma Packages –

Destress Therapy

Like all other machines, our body too requires maintenance to keep it healthy for long years.

Everyday stress and strain leads to imbalance in body and mind. Destress therapy helps body and mind to regain it’s lost balance and strength.

So include Destress program in your routine once a month to maintain health

Prajanan Therapy

A balanced , healthy body and mind produces a balanced and healthy progeny.

PRAJANAN means Healthy Reproduction. This therapy helps the couple to detoxify and strengthen body and mind for a healthier pregnancy, delivery and off-spring.

Prajanan therapy in INFERTILITY cases helps to improve chances of natural as well as induced conception.

Body Purification Therapy

We clean our house everyday still once a year we clean every nook and corner of house so that all germs and dirt gets cleared off .

Sameways, our body too needs cleaning off toxins accumulated in it due to every day metabolic wastes, stress and strain.

Detoxifying your body once a year with Panchakarma helps to balance, strengthen and maintain health.